WeScale Creators Hub

In WeScale Creators Hub you will have a chance to: 
  • Apply to different kinds of content creation campaigns 
  • Earn money by doing things that you love
  • Create content that inspires you
  • Work with a great team and getting to know other creators
  • Learn from the ones who are disrupting the industry the most (us)
  • Learn tips and tricks to be even better at filming and creating content (we will share our big treasure trove of knowledge with you)
  • Get bonuses for creating successful content
  • Be promoted to TOP creator (earning even more money + be the first to pick the campaigns you want to be a part of) 
Are you up for an amazing career journey with us? Great, we are as well! 
1. Read and agree with Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
2. Fill in the registration form.
3. Get e-mail from WeScale about next steps and invitation to join Slack group. 
4. Join the Slack group, apply for campaigns and be the best Creator the world has seen! ;) 
If you were invited by the WeScale team to join the Hub, you will automatically get access to the Slack group and active campaigns. 
If you are sending a self-initiated application, you will get a "test assignment" first to see if we are fit and then access to the Slack group and active campaigns.